Fishing Charters and Seasonal Calendar

All charters available are for up to four (4) people, some charters can take six (6). Below is a list of the charters available, the species of fish you can expect, and prices. Come out on the water with us, and let’s have a great day of fishing!

Fishing Charters Available & Rates 

Half Day Inshore | $600 

A half day inshore trip runs five (5) hours and will have you fishing the scenic waters around Montauk Point. Anglers can expect to encounter a variety of species including Porgy, Sea Bass, Fluke, Striped Bass, and Bluefish all on either light or heavy tackle. Trips are offered in the morning or the afternoon.  Up to six (6) anglers, fifty dollars per additional angler after four (4).

Full Day Inshore | $1000 

A full day inshore trip runs for 9 hours. Anglers will be fishing Porgy, Sea Bass, Fluke, Striped Bass, and Bluefish but will have the option of running a little farther to waters that are less pressured. Up to six (6) anglers, fifty dollars per additional angler after four (4).

Night Bass | $650 

A night bass trip runs for five hours. Anglers will head out a little before sunset, so you catch a view before catching some fish once the sun goes down. You’ll be fishing strictly for big Striped Bass either around Montauk or Block Island. Methods will be dropping down live Eels or using the artificial of your choice. Limited to four (4) anglers.

3/4-Day Offshore | $1450 

A 3/4-day trip runs for 10 hours. Anglers will head as many as 30 miles offshore in pursuit of some sea monsters! Out here you’ll see many shark species as well as Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, White Marlin, and Mahi Mahi. These fish are hard fighters that will put you to the test! Make sure you bring enough snacks and drinks to keep up that energy. Limited to four (4) anglers.

Full Day Offshore | $1650 

An offshore full day runs for 15 hours. These trips will have anglers running as much as 80 miles out to the edge of the continental shelf. The sights you see out here can be even cooler than the fish you catch. Out here you’ll have chances at Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye, and Albacore Tuna, Blue and White Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and many species of shark. You’ll need a full day’s worth of food and drinks for your group as well as any other necessities as you will be on board for some time. Limited to four (4) anglers.

Seasonal Calendar for Fish